2011 Queen & King

11 court1

Stephanie Rivera and Patrick Reyes

 2011 Prince & Princess

11 court2

Adriana De La Fuente and Jon Erik Ramos


2011 Court

11 court3

From left to right, the 2011 Court is (Duchesses) Savanah Holloway, Jayci Korus, Kayla Wilkins, Emily Akers, Princess Adriana De La Fuente, Queen Stephanie Rivera, King Patrick Reyes, Prince Jon Erik Ramos, (Dukes) Michael Ploch, Robert Ramos, Carl Rassat, Jacob Ybarra

Past Royalty

The Strawberry Festival court is elected each year to represent the festival in Poteet and the surrounding areas. They participate in various events at the festival and during the year, as well as at other festivals.