The 2017 Poteet Strawberry Festival

"Taste of Texas" Food Show


DATE:  SUNDAY, April 9, 2017
PLACE:  Rotary Club Pavilion (Poteet Strawberry Festival Grounds)
TIMES:  8:30 to 11:00 A.M. - Check in food items  ||  11:00 to 12:00 – Judging  ||  1:00  - Auction

General Rules

1. Type recipe on an 8 ½” x 11” sheet of paper.
2. Write name, address, phone number and age on BACK of recipe.  Recipes will be used in judging food items.
3. When signing in at registration table, use full name, mailing address and phone number.
4. Food entries must be the COMPLETE recipe displayed for judging.
5. Recipes for all entries will be required. NO RECIPE, NO ENTRY!
6. All recipes AND entries will become property of the “Taste of Texas” Food Show.
7. Non-placing entries will be sold by the food show committee to raise funds for scholarships.
8. The food item should be placed on a disposable plate and covered with plastic wrap for appearance and cleanliness.
9. No refrigeration is available.  Please take this into consideration when selecting a recipe to enter.
10. Food items will be identified by number assigned by the Food Show Committee during registration.
11. No commercial food or products will be accepted.
12. No entry fee is required.  However, you will be required to pay gate admission to participate.
13. Only one entry will be accepted in each class per contestant.
14. Food must be prepared by the exhibitor and must be homemade.  Recipes that call for a mix as an ingredient will be permitted.  (Ex. You may NOT enter a cake made solely from a box mix)
15. You must return to the food show area BEFORE 1 P.M. to present your food at the auction.
16. A portion of the funds collected during the auction will be used for scholarships for qualifying students.
17. The Food Show Committee reserves the right to combine classes or to add new classes if necessary.
18. BEST OF SHOW will be open to all Junior, Pre-Teen and Teen entries only.
19. BERRY BEST OF SHOW will be open to Junior, Pre-Teen and Teen entries only and must have used at least 1 cup of strawberries as an ingredient or a garnish.
20. Grand and Reserve Champion will be awarded in each age division.
21. Ribbons will be awarded through 3rd  place.
22. Entire recipe must be submitted. (Ex. If the recipe makes 3 dozen cookies, you must enter all 3 dozen cookies)

Adult - 19 and up  ||  Teen – 14 to 18  ||  Pre- Teen – 9 to 13  ||  Junior - 5 to 8


The Whole Recipe is required for all entries

  1. All Cakes     
  2. Cheesecakes    
  3. All Cookies & Candies   
  4. Yeast Breads & Quick Breads   
  5. Pies
  6. Miscellaneous
  7. Jam & Jelly (Subcategories: Strawberry and Other)
  8. Salsa


General rules for food show will also apply to the Jam & Jelly Show and Salsa Contest.

•    Jam & Jelly and Salsa entries must use 2 - ½ pint (2 – 8oz.) canning jars imprinted with manufacturer’s name.
•    Jars may be labeled with name of product and date prepared.  Labels may not contain the contestant name or any other information.
•    There will be no age group division.
•    Best of Show Jam & Jelly and Best of Show Salsa will be auctioned off during the sale.
•    Prize money will be given to winners in each category.  (Strawberry & Other)
        1st Place - $50.00 (if not sold in auction)
        2nd Place - $25.00
        3rd Place - $15.00

For more information you may contact any of the following:
Janet Bartek - (830) 276-8197
Ruth Ann Schultze - (830) 570-3090
Strawberry Festival Association Office - (830) 742-8144

Going Green

The Poteet Strawberry Festival Association is doing our part for the environment by Going Green. All forms and entries are completed online, saving tons of paper and ultimately trees. Thanks for supporting us in this effort!

Board of Directors

The Poteet Strawberry Festival Association is made up of a Board of Directors from each of the community and civic organizations that support the festival - Poteet Rotary, Poteet Lions Club, Kappa Tau, Poteet Grange, Poteet VFW, Poteet Volunteer Fire Dept., and Poteet Chamber of Commerce

Board Members, 2015-2016:

  • PSFA President
         Carlos Torres, VFW
  • PSFA Vice-President
         Ron Mixon, Rotary Club
  • PSFA Secretary
         Linda Ritchey, Kappa Tau
  • PSFA Treasurer
         Robert Martinez, Poteet Lions Club

  • Diana Martinez, Chamber of Commerce
  • Ed Geyer, Poteet Rotary
  • Connie Waxler, Poteet Grange
  • Gerard Herrera, Poteet Volunteer Fire Dept.
  • Will Bates, Poteet Rotary
  • Don Retzloff, Poteet VFW
  • Ruth Carson, Poteet Chamber of Commerce
  • Daylon Payne, Poteet Grange
  • David Reyes, Poteet Lions Club
  • Tina Neely Lopez, Poteet Volunteer Fire Dept.
  • Doris Thomas, Kappa Tau